Enveloped By An Everlasting Love

“I’m sorry… there’s no heartbeat.”

Those words mark the beginning of one of the clearest demonstrations of God’s love our family has ever experienced. Though it might seem contradictory to some, the death of our daughter Felicity Anne has shown us how much our God truly loves us. For while God in His perfect wisdom has led us into this valley, God in His perfect love is walking with us through it. And while the valley of this affliction is bitterly cold at times, the arms of God’s affection surrounding us are exceedingly warm indeed. Read More

A Blossoming of Belief

The sudden, unforeseen, and traumatic death of our daughter Felicity was by divine design, for her passing is already producing buds of faith ready to blossom for the glory of God. While unanticipated for us, this result is a direct answer to the prayers and petitions of my wife and me. Read More

A Harvest of Happiness

When we learned several months ago our baby on the way was a girl, we knew immediately her perfect name was Felicity Anne Dudenhofer, which means, “Happiness, God is gracious.” And while we never would have foreseen or asked for what happened, because God is gracious, our precious girl Felicity never knew anything but happiness. Read More